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Pocket'a Diş Araçlar


Proksimal Dental, founded in Konya in 2014, is a dental implant distributor that stands out with its expert staff. Our company, which has a wide sales network all over Turkey, has adopted the principle of offering the highest quality products to dentists with its expertise. Including imported and foreign brands

Proksimal Dental offers a wide range of products that appeal to everyone.​


Our company acts with the mission of providing 100% patient satisfaction with the products it supplies. Our high-quality products exceed industry standards for reliability and durability. With our approach

that prioritizes patient and dentist satisfaction and our strong sales network, we maintain our leading position in the industry by offering fast and effective solutions to the needs of dentists.​


As Proksimal Dental, we constantly improve our product range and service quality by following the innovations in the sector. Together with our expert team, we work to provide the best experience to our patients and continue to create value as a solution partner in the field of dental health.

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